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What Is Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

The human body is a complicated system and the condition of one organ does not reflect the condition of the whole body.  Only when we take all the organs into consideration as an entirety can we get a scientific conclusion.  Following this idea, the ancient Chinese practitioners, in the course of probing the secrets of life and disease, established the theory called “entirety-balance”, which contains two aspects: one is entirety which implies that the human body is an organic whole, and man and the nature are in an entity.  When we talk about health and disease, we can never study a single organ or separate the human body from the natural environment; the body and spirit cannot be studied separately, as neither of them exists alone.  The second one is balance.  Traditional Chinese medicine believes no matter how complicated a human body is, it is composed of yin and yang aspects.  In the whole process of life activities, yin and yang are mutually transformed to maintain a dynamic balance.  Balance of yin and yang points to positive health, on the contrary, disease.



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