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What Is Disease in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Under the influence of certain pathogenic factors, physiological activities of the zang-fu organs and meridians become abnormal.  Balance between qi and blood, and yin and yang is destroyed.  As a result disease occurs with some symptoms.  Generally, external or internal factors cannot break the balance in the body.  For example, everyday we encounter bacteria and viruses but we do not fall ill.  Weather changes and the external temperature changes too everyday, but the body temperature can always maintain 37, because the human body itself has the defensive and adjusting systems, which enable the human body to fight against disease causes.  This ability is known as existence of healthy qi in the body.  But when the healthy qi is insufficient or the pathogenic factors are too powerful, disease is caused.  The conclusion is that when healthy qi overpowers pathogenic factors, no disease occurs, but if the latter is too powerful or the former is too weak, disease occurs.



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