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Internal Cause

Impairment of Seven Emotions



According to Traditional Chinese medicine, the seven emotions refer to the seven emotional activities, namely, joy, anger, worry, pensiveness, sadness,  fear and terror, which are similar to the emotions coping in the modern medicine.  They cause no disease under normal conditions.  They can cause disease when they are intense or prolonged, beyond the adjusting range of physiological activities, because the endocrine system and vegetative nerve functions are disturbed, leading to organic lesions.  It is similar to psychosomatic disease in Western medicine.  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that rage impairs liver qi, excessive joy impairs heart qi, prolonged worry impairs spleen qi, excessive sadness impairs lung qi, and fear impairs kidney qi.  In addition, the seven emotions can be used to to relieve disorders.  See the example of "Wen Zhi and Emperor ".


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