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Medicinal Herbs

Internal Treatment


There are many methods of administering medicinal herbs:oral, subcutaneous, inhalation, etc.  They regulate the balance between qi, blood, yin and yang.  They reinforce the healthy qi and eliminate pathogenic factors to restore health.  Usually herbal decoctions, soft extracts, special pills , pills, powders, medicinal wines, tablets, syrups, medicated tea and granules are administered.  It is easy for patients to take and for practitioners to make modifications.  They produce quick effect as they are made of compound formula.
External Treatment
External treatment includes topical application of herbal paste, e.g. Taiyi Paste for swelling and pain, and Yang He Jie Ning Paste for dispelling cold and activating blood, resolving phlegm and dredging meridians in the treatment of swollen sores and cold, wind, damp arthritis, injuries from falls, contusions and strains.
The second is fumigation.  It is a therapy involving fumes from a burning roll of medicated paper or vapor from boiling medicinal ingredients.  The former is used in the treatment of blockage disease, injuries from falls, contusions and strains or indoor disinfection, while the latter is used in the treatment of rhinitis with the vapor of boiling decoction of Flos Lonicerae Japonicae
Ancient Chinese knew treatment of anorexia with medicated bathing, or it was used to kill bugs and exorcise evils.   
Besides, medicated thread and medicated powders are also frequently used in treatment.  The former used for fistula and pus drainage, while the latter for carbuncles and dermatosis.

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