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Dong Fang Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Brief Introduction

Dong Fang Hospital is a top class hospital of traditional Chinese medicine.


Special Departments

Department of Neurology: It is responsible for the treatment of apoplexy with the method of integrated traditional and Western medicine.
Department of Peripheral Vessels: It is responsible for the treatment of arteriosclerosis, diabetes, thromboangiitis obliterans, polyarteritis, cutaneous vasculitis, Raynaud's disease, deep venous thrombosis, dysfunction of deep veins of lower limbs, varicosity, superficial phlebitis, and chronic ulcers.  The characteristic treatment is medicated bathing, and local application of medicinal herbs and wound surface management.
Department of Nephrology: It is responsible for the treatment of acute and chronic renal insufficiency, electrolyte disturbances, acid-base disturbance, acute drug poisoning, adult respiratory distress syndrome, and multiple organ dysfunction.
Address and Telephone
Address: No.6, Area One, Fang Xing Yuan, Fang Zhuang, Feng Tai District, Beijing
Post Code: 100078
Fax:  (010)67618444
http: //www.dongfangyy.com.cn


It has the following departments: Department of Encephalopathy, Department of Peripheral Vessels, Department of Endocrinopathy, Department of Respiration and Pyreticosis, Department of  Nephrology and Department of Hematogenic Immunity and other comprehensive departments.


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