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The Theory of Meridians and Collaterals and Its Developmental Process
The theory of meridians and collaterals studies the traveling course, physiological functions, pathologic changes of meridian systems, as well as its relation to the zang-fu organs.   The theory emerging and developing during clinical practice, providing guidance for diagnosis and treatment in different branches of traditional Chinese medicine and it links most tightly with the theory of acupuncture. 
How to form the theory of meridians and collaterals ecolove?
(1)It evolred from observations and summary of the sensory transduction appearing in the therapies of acupuncture, moxibustion and tuina.
(2)It evolored from the summary of the effect of points.
(3)It was referred from the pathological phenomena on the body surface.
(4)It evolred from the knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
(5)It evolred from the ancient people’s discovery of qi moving throughout the body during  qigong exercises.

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