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Meridians and The Zang-Fu Organs
The meridians and collaterals link up the zang-fu organs internally and the extrenities and bones externally.  Through this communication between the interior and exterior of the body,  pathological changes of the zang-fu organs reflect externally, known as symptoms and signs.  Stimulations applied to points on meridians can treat disorders of the correspondent zang-fu organs, which proves that the zang-fu organs and meridians are related to each other.  
Here is an example.  When acupuncture is applied to Neiguan (PC6), Ximen (PC4), Quze (PC3) and Tianquan (PC2) , and two non-meridian points on the Pericardium Meridian, and 8 control spots 2cm lateral to the first 4 points in 80 subjects, it was found that there was significant difference in heart function and ECG test between the three groups, and the first group was most satisfactory.  It indicates that the Pericardium Meridian is closely related to the heart function. 
People have a conclusion through observations that acupuncture applied to Zusanli (ST36), Xiaohai (SI8)and Quchi (LI11) treats disorders of the stomach, small intestine and large intestine respectively.



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