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(1) Patients who receive moxibustion should keep a natural comfortable posture, which helps correct location of points, and placement of the moxa cone.
 (2) The quantity of cones used is computed by the size and number of the cones.
 (3) Be cautious in patients who suffer from yin deficiency with exuberant yang, and excessive heat toxin as moxibustion can reinforce yang and injure yin.
 (4) The direct moxibustion does not apply to the face, five sense organs, or the part with large vessels.  In addition, it is forbidden to apply moxibustion to the abdomen and lumbosacral portion of pregnant women.
When moxibustion or moxibustion with a warming needle is performed, keenly take care of the burning cones and prevent them from dropping to scald the skin or barn clothes.  Control the cones used to avoid over-moxibustion, which may cause scald too.



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