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Precautions in the Cupping Therapy
(1) It is imperative to apply it to the plump portions of the body and avoid the articulated areas where the surface is not smooth or hairy.
 (2) Jars of the right size are chosen according to needs.  On operation, press it to the skin swiftly and deftly, so that the jar is able to suck tightly.
 (3) Take care not to cause scalds.  If small blisters form because of longer retention of jars, it is unnecessary to give treatment.  Dress them with an antiseptic gauze to prevent abrasion.  However, for any large blisters, it is advisable to drain the fluid with a sterilized syringe, and apply gentian violet or dress them with an antiseptic gauze to avoid infection.
 (4) It is not advisable to apply cupping to patients with skin allergy, ulcer, edema and areas with large blood vessels, high fever and convulsion, or to the areas with large blood vessels, or the abdominal and lumbosacral region of pregnant women.



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