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Methods of Cupping

There are four forms of cupping: Common cupping, flash-fire cupping, slide-cupping and bloodletting pricking and cupping.

Common Cupping——

Precautions: Do not stain the rim of the jar or the body with alcohol to avoid scalds.

Flash-Fire Cupping——

Precautions: In the course of cupping, the temperature inside the jar rises rapidly, for which several jars are ready for alternate use to avoid scalds.


Precautions: The part to be treated or the rim of the jar is first covered with some lubricating oil, such as glycerine, paraffin wax oil, etc, before cupping is applied to avoid injury to the skin.  The slide-cupping is usually applied to the back for aching pain and chills in the back, dizziness, common cold, etc.

Bloodletting Pricking and Cupping——

Precautions: When the jar is withdrawn after cupping, it is essential to disinfect.  It is usually for diseases induced by fever and toxic heat.



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