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Toothache is usually seen in dental caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, pericoronitis and dentin hypersensitiveness in Western medicine.  Its attack is triggered by cold, heat, sour, or sweet irritations.  It is classified into three types: toothache due to heat in the Stomach Meridian, wind- heat, and yin deficiency.
(1) Acupuncture
Treating principles: To clear heat and fire for toothache due to wind-heat and intense stomach heat; To replenish kidney yin and purge liver heat for yin deficiency cases




Prescription: Hegu (LI4), Jiache (ST6), Neiting (ST44), Xiaguan (ST7)
Subsidiary points:
Wind-heat: Waiguan (TE5), Fengchi (GB20)
Yin deficiency: Taixi (KI3), Xingjian (LR2)
(2) Ear Acupuncture: Upper and lower jaw (LO3), ear-shenmen (TF4), apex of tragus (TG1p), specific point for toothache
(3) Electro-Acupuncture: Jiache (ST6), Xiaguan (ST7), Hegu (LI4) or Erjian (LI2)
Connect the electro-acupuncture stimulator after getting the needling sensation for 20~30 minutes with dense waves.
For dental caries, acupuncture can only relieve pain temporarily.  But for most toothache, its therapeutic effect is satisfactory.

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