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Lower Back Pain
It is commonly seen in injury to the soft tissues of the lower back, rheumatism, lumbar spondylosis, intervertebral disc disorders, and some problems of the internal organs, characterized by lower back pain.
(1) Acupuncture
Treating principles: To warm meridians to disperse cold for lower back pain caused by cold and dampness, or activate blood circulation and resolve stasis for lower back pain caused by stagnation of blood, or reinforce the kidney and lower back for lower back pain caused by deficiency in the kidney.  Acupuncture and moxibustion are used together.


Prescription: Shenshu (BL23), Weizhong (BL40), Jiaji (EX-B2), and Ashi points
Subsidiary points:
Cold and dampness—Fengfu (GV16), Yaoyangguan (GV3)
Chronic lumbar sprain—Geshu (BL17), Ciliao (BL32)
Deficiency in the kidney—Mingmen (GV4), Zhishi (BL52), Taixi (KI3)
(2) Pricking-Cupping Bloodletting
It is especially effective for lower back pain caused by cold and dampness, and chronic sprain.
The therapeutic effect of acupuncture is different in cases of different causes.  It is most effective for rheumatic lower back pain and chronic sprain.  Lower back pain due to lumbar spondylosis and protrusion of intervertebral disc is remarkably relieved by acupuncture.  For laceration of ligaments around the small joints of the lower back, the therapeutic effect is not satisfactory.  The primary disease is treated when lower back pain is caused by diseases of the internal organs.  Lower back pain caused by spinal tuberculosis or tumors is not the indication of acupuncture.

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