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In Austria
In the 19th century traditional Chinese medicine was introduced to Austria through France.  But the local people focused on acupuncture, which has won favor of the local people because it is most effective without side effect and it cannot be replaced by other therapies.  Since 1970s encouraged by popular enthusiasm for traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture in Austria has advanced greatly.  In recent years more and more Austrians hold in esteem of acupuncture and tuina therapy.  According to reports in the past 15 years 93,000 patients received acupuncture therapy in a newly established acupuncturer center.  The 26 acupuncture doctors in the center were called "Chinese in Austria".
In addition, the Chinese Health Care Center set up in 1994 is the first traditional Chinese medical center in Austria, which provides the Austrians with acupuncture, medicinal herbs, tuina, medicated food, and other health care approaches.     
Traditional Chinese medicine, the ancient traditional healing art with several thousand years practice stands towering among the medical circles of the world.  Its introduction and popularization in Europe where different medical systems exist, once again proves its effectiveness for disorders. 


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