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Biond Magnolia Flower


Chinese Name Xinyi
Latin Flos Magnoliae
English Name Biond Magnolia Flower
Key Characteristics

Acrid-warm herb that releases the exterior


Dried flower bud of Magnolia biondii Pamp., Magnolia denudata Desr.or Magnolia sprengeri Pamp. (Fam. Magnoliaceae)

Property, Flavor and Meridians Entered

Acrid, warm; Lung, Stomach


To dispel wind-cold, and relieve nasal obstruction


Headache due to exterior wind-cold, nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea with turbid discharge, rhinorrhea with thick nasal discharge, in addition, used for nasal sinusitis and chronic bronchitis

Special Usage

Because the flowers have small hairs which irritate the throat, the herb should be wrapped in a cheesecloth bag prior to decocting.

Precaution It is forbidden to use for nose problems due to yin deficiency from flaming of fire.
Chemical Composition It contains volatile oil.

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