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Cassia Twig


Chinese Name Guizhi
Latin Name

Ramulus Cinnamomi 

English Name Cassia Twig
Key Characteristics Acrid-warm herb that releases the exterior

Dried young branch of Cinnamomum cassia Presl(Fam. Lauraceae)

Property, Flavor and Meridians Entered

Acrid, sweet, warm; Heart, Lung, Bladder


To induce perspiration, release the muscles, warm the channels and unblock meridians, reinforce yang to promote qi production


Common cold due to wind-cold, epigastric pain with cold feeling, amenorrhea due to cold in blood, arthralgia, phlegm-fluid retention, edema, palpitation, gastrointestinal neurosis with a feeling of gas rushing up through the chest to the throat from the lower abdomen, in addition, used for cerebral infarction, cor pulmonale, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease,  hyperplasia prostatic, frostbite, Raynaud's disease, acute gout and allergic rhinitis.


It is forbidden to use when there is a high fever, yin deficiency with excessive fire, bleeding due to blood heat.  Use with caution during pregnancy and when there is menorrhagia.

Chemical Composition

It mainly contains volatile oil, phenols, organic acid, polysaccharides, glycoside, cumarin and tannin.


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