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Immature Orange Fruit


Chinese Name Zhishi
Latin Fructus Aurantii Immaturus
English Name Immature Orange Fruit
Key Characteristics Herb that regulates qi.

Dried young fruit of Citrus aurantium L. and its cultivars or Citrus sinensis Osbeck (Fam.  Rutaceae).

Property, Flavor and Meridians Entered

Bitter, acrid, sour, warm; Spleen, Stomach


To break stagnant qi, remove phlegm to dissipate nodulation and treat stuffness


Stagnation of qi marked by indigestion, fullness and distending pain, tenesmus in dysentery, constipation, pectoral pain and stuffiness sensation due to stagnation of phlegm and qi, thoracic accumulation gastroptosis, prolapse of rectum, prolapse of uterus, in addition, used for gastroptosis, heart failure, functional dyspepsia, coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.


Be cautious with pregnant women.

Chemical Composition

It contains volatile oil, flavonoids, oxedrine, etc.


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