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Areca Seed


Chinese Name Binglang
Latin Semen Arecae
English Name Areca Seed
Key Characteristics Anthelmintic herb
Source Dried ripe seed of Areca catechu L.  (Fam.  Palmae).
Property, Flavor and Meridians Entered Bitter, acrid, warm; Stomach, Large Intestine
Actions To kill worms, remove undigested food, move qi downward, promote the flow of fluid, and stop malaria

Taeniasis, ascariasis, fasciolopsiasis, abdominal pain due to intestinal parasitosis, diarrhea and tenesmus due to retention of undigested food, edema and swollen feet, and malaria

Special Usage

Fresh ones have a stronger action than the dry-fried ones.


It is forbidden to prescribe to those who have loose stools due to deficiency in the spleen. Use with caution during pregnancy.

Chemical Composition

It contains alkaloids, tannins, fixed oil, etc.


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