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Stemona Root


Chinese Name Baibu
Latin Radix Stemonae
English Name

Stemona Root

Key Characteristics

Herb that stops coughing and relieves asthma


Dried root tuber of Stemona sessilifolia (Miq.) Miq. , Stemona japonica (Bl.) Miq. or Stemona tuberosa Lour.  (Fam. Stemonaceae).

Property, Flavor and Meridians Entered Sweet, bitter, slightly warm; Lung
Actions To moisten the lung and relieve coughing, and kill insects and worms

Acute and chronic cough, cough in pulmonary TB, whooping cough,  pediculosis capitis, oxyruiasis, pudendal itching, processed with honey, it is used for cough in consumptive disease, in addition, used for pulmonary TB, ringworm of feet, brandy nose

Special Usage Processed with honey it is used to treat chronic cough and cough due to consumptive disease
Chemical Composition

It contains alkaloids, fats, proteins, succinic acid, etc.


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