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Brief Introduction

Tongrentang, founded in the Qing Dynasty(1669), is a famous time-honored brand among the Chinese medicine trade. In 1723 A.D., Tongrentang received the orders of the Qing government to supply the imperial family with medicinal substances which lasted for 188 years, which encouraged the staff of Tongrentang to work heart and soul with extreme caution for the imperial family. For about 300 years its staff have strictly abided by the old maxim that” neither labor nor medicinal herbs are saved at the expense of consumers’ interest even if the process of medicinal substance is complicated, although no one witness the manufacturing process, our sincerity and trustworthiness are left to Buddha’s judgment.  Tongrentang has all along been stressing ethics, sincerity and faith, and its strict compliance with high standards has over the time won the trust and confidence of countless consumers through ages. Its unique formulas, medicinal substance of the quality, and exquisite workmanship work out excellent products which enjoy high reputation at home and abroad.  
Tongrentang has won a world reputation. It is the No.1 brand Chinese trademark which was registered under the Madrid Agreement and the Paris Agreement. It has been registered in 50 countries, and protected by the related international organizations. As a trademark of the Chinese mainland it is the first to register in Taiwan.
In recent years, its output value increases by 20% each year. It is obvious that its trademark and quality products are the preconditions for its further development. By 2005, its total assets had reached RMB 7 billion, and its annual turnover amounted to RMB 5.4 billion.
History of Tongrentang
Tongrentang was set up in 1669 by Yue Xianyang.
In 1706, Yue Fengming wrote the book,"pill, powder, ointment and small pill ancestral feeding know-how of the yue's family", according to his knowledge from books and collections of royal esoteric recipes and folk remedies. In the preface of his book, he first raised the maxis of Tongrentang described above,” Secret recipes of the Yue’s family about preparation of pills, powders, soft Extracts and Small pills” was complied by Yue Fengming in 1706 based on the imperial secret recipes, folk proved recipes and the ancestral experience in manufacture of herbal preparations, which has remained fresh even today.
In 1723, Emperor Yongzheng authorized Tongrentang to be the exclusive supplier of medicinal substances to the imperial family, which lasted for 188 years.
Old picture of Tongrentang



            点击看大图                             Tongrentang, before 1949

 点击看大图 A revised edition of the Tongrt's Medicinal products Catalogue of the Qing Dynasty.




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