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Taoist Qigong


It is based on the thought of Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi, emphasizing dual cultivation and breathing.  Taoist qigong has developed many styles, focusing on health care and longevity.





Major styles (Flash)

Neidan or exercise for formation of active substance in the body.  It is the symbol of the Taoist qigong.  Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi (Analogism of Principles of Changes Formulated in the Zhou Dynasty), written by Wei Boyang of the Eastern Han Dynasty, was the earliest monograph on Neidan.  Zhoutian Qigong (Qi Circulation Exercise), is the core of Neidan, in which breathing is controlled by the mind.  It is a qigong exercise that leads qi to ascend along the Governor Vessel and descend along the Conception Vessel.


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