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Sitting Posture
Upright Sitting
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Sit upright on the edge of a chair, with knees parallel, shoulder-width apart and bent at a 90 right angle, feet flat on the floor.  Place the palms gently on the thigh.  Hold the head upright and tuck in your chin slightly.  Relax the shoulders.  Keep your chest slightly inward.  Close the mouth and eyes.  Keep the tip of the tongue against the palate.


Sitting Leaning Back in a Chair 
It is almost the same as the posture of upright sitting.  The only difference is to lean your back in a chair.  Keep your lower back straight.

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Sitting Cross-legged
Sit on bed with the legs crossed.  Put a cushion under the hips.  Bend the body slightly forward.  Clasp the hands gently in front of the belly, with the left over the right.


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