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Other Breathing Methods
Fetal Breathing
Imagine that qi comes in and goes out of the navel.
Body Breathing
Body breathing is the advanced level of fetal breathing.  Imagine that qi comes into the body through sweat pores, and gathers at Dantian on inhaling, then the pores are closed.  On exhaling qi diffuses from Dantian to the body, and goes out through the open pores.
Stop-go Breathing
It refers to inhaling and exhaling with a pause.
Anus-Lifting Breathing
It means that lift the anus and contract the abdomen on inhaling, and relax the anus and expand the abdomen on exhaling.
Sounds-Making Breathing
The Six Healing Sounds and the Corresponding Zang-fu Organs




Corresponding Zang-fu Organs

chuī kidney
triple energizer

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