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The Six Healing Sounds

The Six Healing Sounds is a form of Tuna, of which there are now many variations, which use the six sounds "xu", "he", "hu", "si", "chui", "xi" to regulate their pertaining organs, such as the liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney and triple energizer.


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General Points

"Xu" Exercise

It soothes the liver qi, used to treat eye diseases, headache, facial tic, deviation of the mouth and eye caused by stirring up of liver wind.

"He" Exercise

It reinforces the heart qi, used to treat restlessness, palpitation, insomnia and dream-disturbed sleep to some extent.

"Hu" Exercise

It reinforces the spleen qi, used to treat poor digestion caused by deficiency in the spleen and sinking of spleen qi.

"Si" Exercise

It reinforces the lung qi, used to treat cough and shortness of breath caused by lung diseases.

"Chui" Exercise

It reinforces the kidney qi, used to treat deficiency in the kidney, premature ejaculation and spermatorrhea.

"Xi" Exercise

It regulates qi flow in the triple energizer, used to treat tinnitus, deafness, swollen armpit, toothache and inflammation of the throat caused by qi disorders of the triple energizer.


Pronounce each sound correctly with the first tone.  In general, pronounce each sound six times during an exercise.  Open your eyes when "X" is being pronounced, and close eyes while pronouncing other sounds.

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