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Inner Cultivation Qigong

It combines reading silently with breathing, used to promote the functions of the digestive and respiratory systems.

General Points

Nasal breathing

Assume the lying or sitting posture, and take abdominal breathing.  When inhaling through the nose, keep the tip of the tongue against the palate.  Direct qi to the lower Dantian.  Saying silently the word "I", and stop breathing, then say silently the word "keep" or "I keep quiet " or "I keep quiet for the good of my health".  Lay down the tongue on exhaling.  Start with fewer words but no more than nine words.  Inhale attering the first word silently , and while attering the last one silently do exhaling, and hold breath while attering the words between them exhale. 

Oral-Nasal Breathing

Take abdominal breathing.  Inhale through the nose and direct qi to Dantian, then exhale through the mouth.  Then keep the tip of the tongue against the palate.  Hold the breath and say words silently.  After finishing saying words, inhale again.  Repeat the procedure for several times.

Ending Up

Refer to the Relaxation Qigong.


Hypertension, neurosis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic hepatitis, irregular ities menstruaities, dysmenorrhea, etc.


Follow in proper order and advance gradually.  Start with saying fewer words silently.  Take the orthodromic abdominal breathing at first.  When you are familiar with it, take the antidromic abdominal breathing.  Do not bulge the belly intentionally.  It is normal to feel a warm sensation in the abdomen after several sessions of practice.



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