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Fitness in the Shang Dynasty (about 16th century -11th century B.C.)
In ancient times, people realized that dancing was a way to keep fit and soothe tendons and muscles. Because they lived in dark, damp places and were prone to having blockage (TCM term roughly equivalent to arthritic or orthopedic conditions) diseases due to wind, cold and dampness. Then people activated their muscles and joints with dance to improve body resistance and relieve joint pains.
  Jade with Description of Qi Flow (Warring States (475-221 B.C.), height: 5.3cm, diameter: 3.5cm, the oldest extant object showing qigong exercises
Tub covered with colored dancers (New Stone Age), unearthed in Da Tong county, Qinghai province, kept in the Qinghai Museum

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