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  Chinese Alchemy – A Pioneer in Modern Chemistry  
  Chinese alchemy emerged in the Han dynasty (202 B.C.~A.D. 220). Ge Hong of the Jin Dynasty (265~420) wrote Bao Pu Zi, a complete monograph on alchemy passed down to the present. Up to now, “Sheng Dan” and “Jiang Dan” have been generally used externally, and they are what Ge Hong came across through his chemical experiments. Dr. Joseph Needham, the well-known British scholar, believed “medical chemistry originated in China.” In the Tang Dynasty (618~907), China’s alchemy had reached it's full
     bloom. Having spread to Arabian countries, it promoted the development of
        alchemy in that region. Later, the Arabian alchemy was introduced to Europe. After
                         evolutions, it finally developed into a significant discipline of
                         modern science – chemistry.
Portrait of Ge Hong Engraved on the Ge Ling Stone Tablet by the West Lake, Hangzhou (ruined)
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  → Legendary Alchemy Well of Ge Hong (in the Ge Ling Bao Pu Taoist Temple by the West Lake, Hangzhou)

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