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Common Methods for Health Preservation
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Health Preservation Diet
According to the theory of Chinese medicine, diet for health preservation should be prepared properly with consideration of wane and wax of yin and yang of the zang-fu organs, reasonable and moderate nutrition match.
Health Preservation Diet
Chinese dietary study holds that herbs and food share the same source, the same theory and the same way of use. More than 100 herbs are used as food, such as Rhizoma DiossoreaeShanyao,Bulbus Lilii (Baihe),Semen Coicis (Yiyiren),Phaseoli Semen (Chixiaodou), Fructus Crataegi (Shanzha), Armeniacae Semen Dulce (Tianxingren), Fructus Chaenomelis( Mugua), Fructus Lycii (Gouqizi), Semen Nelumbinis (Lianzi), Arillus Longan (Guiyuanrou\Longyanrou), Semen Euryales(Qianshi), Nelumbinis Folium (Heye), Mori Folium (Sangye), Cassiae Semen (Juemingzi), Chrysanthemi Flos (Juhua), Poria (Fuling), Carthami Flos (Honghua),Citri reticulatae Pericarpium (Chenpi),Menthae haplocalycis Herba (Bohe), Mori Fructus (Sangshen), Alpiniae officinarum Rhizoma (Gaoliangjiang), Thallus Laminariae seu Eckloniae (Kunbu), and Sargassum (Haizao).
Principles of the Diet Therapy
Reasonable Match
Different food contains different kind of nutrition, the most scientific diet must contain diverse and rich nutrition matched reasonably.
According to Chinese dietary study, in daily diet, cereal is the main food and meat is the subsidiary food, vegetables and fruits are the supplement.
To have reasonable food match, besides the consideration of nutrition, the property of food, namely cold, hot, warm and cool, is also attached importance. Food with mild property is primarily consumed by people. Yin and yang nature of food is advised to keep constant balance, so does that of the body, and finally health is ensured.  

Health Preservation Diet




Proper Amount of Food Intake
It is wise to take proper amount of food and have one’s meals at regular time.
Dietetic  Hygiene
Fresh Food
Normally, the nutrients of fresh food are easily digested and absorbed.
Cooked food
Most food is advised to take after cooking, because cooked food is easily digested and absorbed and the body is supplied with enough nutritients. In fact, since fire was discovered, people have had the habit of eating cooked food. In addition, cooking is a way of sterilization..
Abstinence From Some Foods
In long-term practice, people have gradually realized that some animals and plants are poisonous, and do harm to health, and some kinds of food cannot be taken together with some other food.
Time and Individual Difference
In different seasons eat different kinds of food, and diet habit should be based on individual's age, physical condition, personality, etc. 
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