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Origin of Moxibustion
Moxibustion came into being when fire was discovered.  In the Wu Shi Er Bing Fang(Formulas for Fifty-Two Kinds of Diseases), an ancient medical book unearthed from the Ma Wang Dui grave of the Western Han Dynasty, there was a description about treatment of a patient suffering from urinary retention with the warmth of fire.  The patient was asked to sit on the ground with his back close to a pile of burning wood .  From this we can imagine that this is the rudimentary stage of moxibustion.  The skill of treatment by using fire had been handed down to later generations.
The medical effect of moxa leaf used as a material in moxibustion was described in the Ben Cao Gang Mu( Compedium of Materia Medica), a book of medicinal herbs of the Ming Dynasty, and Artemisia vulgaris, the mother plant of moxa leaf was grown in the field and it was easily collected, so people gradually used it as the material in moxibustion.


                                 Fresh Artemisia Leaf                        


 Dry Artemisia Leaf

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