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Origin of Diseases with Acupuncture and Moxibustion
The ancient Treating Chinese worked and lived under terribly bad conditions.  Sometimes when they were hurt to bleed, their pre-existing disorders were cured. When other people were suffering from the same problem, they would induce the injury and actively stimulate these parts of the body, or even used bloodletting to relieve the condition.  When good results were seen, the medical experience was summarized and passed to the next generations.
In the process of development of acupuncture, firstly, the refined stone was used as medical apparatus, which was called the “Bian Stone”.  Alongside the progress of societies, needles made of wood, fried clay daybone and metal were developed.  When metal was invented, people began to make metal needles for various medical purposes.
 Prince of the Guo State Treated by Bian Que



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