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Maneuvers of Tuina Therapy

They are classified into two categories: basic maneuvers and joint moving maneuvers.

Simple, Useful and Basic Maneuvers


This is done by using the complex movement of flexing, extension of the wrist joint and rotation of the forearm, usually applied to the nape, back, lower back, buttocks and four limbs.


Single-Finger Pushing

It is done by pushing the tissues with the tip, the flat, or the outside of the thumb, using the elbow as a pivot, swaying the forearm initiatively and make it drive the wrist to sway and the thumb joint to do flexion and extension.  It is suitable for all the acupuncture points.



It is done by kneading clockwise or counter-clockwise with the palm, lower palm, elbow or both hands, usually applied to the back, lower back,buttocks and trunk.  Finger kneading is suitable for all parts of the body.



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