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Maneuvers for Children's Frequently Seen Diseases

the Indigestion


The infant digestive system is weaker than that of adults, resulting in frequent cases of indigestion. It is usually seen in children under 5 years old, manifested itself as emaciation, slow development, loss of fat, atrophy of muscles and lassitude

Treating principle: To remove indigestion and regulate the function of the spleen and stomach
Basic maneuver: To reinforce the Spleen Meridian, knead Banmen, Neibagua, and Sihengwen, knead Zhongwan (CV12), knead Tianshu (ST 25) and Zusanli(ST36).
To knead Nabagua: It is located in the place around Laogong (PC8).  Knead it with the thumb or middle finger clockwise about 50~100 times, indicated for oppression in the chest, abdominal distension, vomiting, poor appetite, and difficult expectoration of sputum.
Sihengwen: It is located at the transverse crease of the 2nd interphalangeal joint of the four fingers.
Manipulation: Pinch the crease one by one with the thumb nail for about 5~7 times, and then apply kneading, indicated for abdominal distension, malnutrition with retention of food, poor appetite, coughing and shortness of breath.





Fever due to external causes manifests itself as high body temperature, headache, chills, stuff and runny nose, sneezing, cough, itchy throat or sore throat.  Fever due to indigestion manifests itself as medium fever, poor appetite, foul breath, passing fetid stools with indigested food residues.  Fever due to congenital defect is manifested itself as persistent low fever, feverish sensation in the palms and soles, slow development and wasting away.

Treating principle: To dispel wind, subside fever and strengthen the superficies. .
Basic maneuvers: To knead the transverse crease of the wrist to the transverse crease of the elbow, knead Laogong and Taiyang (EX-HN5), push Cuanzhu (BL2), rub abdomen, knead the spine and grasp Jianjing(GB21)



Children diarrhea is usually caused by exogenous pathogenic factors, improper diet or deficiency in the spleen and stomach.  It is often seen in babies aged under 2 years.  The main symptoms are frequent bowel disorder in a watery form or with indigested food residues and mucus.

Treating principle: To dispel dampness, regulate the function of the spleen and stomach to stop diarrhea
Basic maneuvers: To push Pijing (the radial aspect of the thumb), rub the abdomen, knead TianshuST25, Wailaogong (EX-UE8), the navel and Zusanli(ST36), push the place between the 2nd lumbar vertebra and the caudal vertebra, knead Guiwei.  

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