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Herbs for Moisturizing and brightening the Skin

Poria (Fuling) 

Cosmetic products from Poria (Fuling) extracts can smooth and refresh the skin, improve elasticity, moisture and texture. Products containing Poria (Fuling) extracts are indicated for dry skin or damaged skin. It is especially good for women middle-aged or elderly.  more>>


Margarita (Zhenzhu)

It has long been used for moisturizing and brightening the skin, strengthening and whitening the teeth. For example, ancient performers in the palace preferred Margarita (Zhenzhu) as a cosmetic make-up. Women of upper class in the West often used Margarita (Zhenzhu) powder mixed with milk to wash their skin. Modern research shows that Margarita (Zhenzhu) contains calcium carbonate, organics, water and minerals, which promote cell regeneration which contributes to fairer, whiter, and more delicate skin. Margarita (Zhenzhu) powder has the function of inhibiting lipofuscin (an aging substance), stimulating cell activity and prolonging the life-span of cells.



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