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Body Beautification Formula
Fragrant Soap


 Ci Xi Guang Xu Yifang Xuanyi (Comments on Selected Prescriptions for Empress Dowager Cixi and Emperor Guang Xu)



Lignum Santali Albi (Tanxiang)                         60g
Radix Aucklandiae (Muxiang)   60g
Flos Caryophylli (Dingxiang)   60g
Herba lysimachia cum radicis(Huaban)   60g
Lysimachia foenum-graecum Hance (Linglingxiang)   60g
Fructus Gleditsiae (Zaojia)   60g
Radix et Rhizoma Nardostachyos (Gansong)   60g
Lotus stamen (BaiLianrui)   60g
Rhizoma Kaempferiae  (Shannai)   60g
Bombyx Batryticatus (Baijiangcan)   60g
Moschus (Shexiang)   15g
Broneolum Syntheticum (Bingpian\Longnaoxiang)   15g


 To clean the skin, and bring the body fragrance


 Apply this fragrant soap to the body, and wash it with water



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