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Millet is rich in nutrients. The contents of protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 are more than that of rice. Millet congee is nutritious. Millet bran oil has the action of expelling wind and arresting itching,killing worms and offering astringent properties. It is indicated for tinea capitis, eczema etc.



Corn is sweet in flavor and neutral in nature. It enters to the meridians of Large Intestine and Stomach. It has the effect of diuresis, removing urinary calculus, reducing lipid levels and blood pressure. Being rich in vitamin B, it can whet appetite and strengthen the spleen and stomach. Corn oil contains lecithin, vitamin A and E. It can easily be absorbed by the human body. Corn oil is ideal for ateriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, hepatic adipose infiltration, obesity. It is especially suitable for elderly persons.


Mung bean (Semen Phaseoli radiati(Lvdou))(Semen Phaseoli radiati

Mung bean (Semen Phaseoli radiati(Lvdou))(Semen Phaseoli radiati) is sweet in flavor and cool in nature. It enters the Heart and Stomach meridians. It has the effect of clearing heat and removing toxins, relieving summer-heat and helping with problems related to water retention. It is indicated for summer-heat, edema, diarrhea, pyocutaneous diseases and food poisoning. Mung bean(Semen Phaseoli radiati(Lvdou))(Semen Phaseoli radiati) soup is a common household summer drink for the young and old, hot or cold, with or without sugar. It is rich in protein, vitamin B1, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.


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