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Facial Massage

S elect related points like xuehai (SP10) and zusanli (ST 36). Facial massage can dredge meridians and improve blood circulation in the face, and delay aging. Points of the Liver Meridian, such as zhangmen (LR13), qimen (LR 14), ganshu (BL 18), can be selected to regulate liver-qi and nurture facial skin. Local massage maneuvers can also be applied. Give massage to the whole face, with the index and middle fingers for 5 minutes. Give massage with me finger to winkles on the   corner of the mouth, nasolabiral grooves, outer canthus, and forehead for 5 minutes. Then knead the both sides of the face for 3 minutes. Pat gently the face for 12 minutes with the index and middle fingers. Digital pressure is applied to: chengjiang (CV 24), dicang (ST 4), jiacheng (ST 6), quanliao (SI 18), jingming (BL 1), cuanzhu (BL 2), yangbai (GB 14), and baihui (GV 20), one by for 57 times.


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