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Traditional Chinese medicine inherits and develops major philosophies of ancient Chinese culture and uses them to understand disease and health. Therefore the understanding of ancient Chinese culture helps the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine.
Ancient Myths and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Confucianism, Daoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine
The core philosophy of Chinese medicine is correspondence between man and nature. China has been an agricultural country for thousands of years. To get a good harvest, ancient people would follow the changes of seasons and climates to adjust their farming work like sowing and reaping. Gradually they began to recognize the laws of nature. Besides, upon observation, people found that natural seasonal changes have extensive influence on plants and animals as well. Therefore, the ancient Chinese concluded that man, as an organism in nature, must also coordinate with the laws of nature. This understanding of the relationship between humans and nature is thus termed correspondence between man and nature. This philosophy includes the integrated and harmony concept. In accordance, traditional Chinese medicine holds that man and nature is a whole. Man should maintain both the harmony of his body and coordination with nature to maintain health.
Chinese Culture and TCM
The History of TCM
Classic Literature of TCM
Legendary Tales of TCM
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