In China, health care is a general and special reflection of culture and psychology. It refers to keeping fit, reducing diseases, improving health and prolonging life based on the law of growth of man. Points of attention in health care and methods are emotional adjustment, adaptation to the change of seasons, sleep condition, sports, diet, medications, acupuncture, tuina, qigong and love life.

Cause of Aging
Principles of Health Care and Delaying of Aging
Perspective of Delaying Aging

Coordination among the Zang-Fu Organs
Dredging Meridian
Resting to Gain Composure
Having Moderate Sexual Life and Preserving Essence
Comprehensive Care
Unremitting Efforts

Acupuncture and Moxibustion for Health Preservation

The Commonly Used Points in Moxibustion to Improve Health
Acupuncture for Health Preservation

Medication for Health Preservation

Mechanism of Chinese Medical Substances in Delaying Aging
Medicinal Substances and Patent Herbal Products for Health Preservation

Health Preservation Diet

Principles of the Diet Therapy
Precautions in Food Intake
Exercise after Meals
Foods for Health Preservation
Recipes for Health Preservation

Tuina,Daoyin and Taichi
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