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With rapid strides in science and technology and unceasing absorption of modern scientific knowledge acupuncture and moxibustion have grown into a representative branch of traditional Chinese medical sciences, generally acknowledged by the international medical circles. The World Federation of Acupuncture Societies founded in 1987, chaired solely by Chinese scholars symbolizes that acupuncture has become an international branch of medicine. It is easy to operate with lower cost and quick response and unwanted effect, so it increasingly popularizes in different countries and regions.

With its long-term research and exploration, the NIH of the United States of America issued a statement about acupuncture after a hearing in November 1997. The statement points out that acupuncture therapy is effective for many disorders with little side effect. This is a signal for the popularization of acupuncture in the world. From below we can see what is happening to acupuncture in the world now.

  In the United States of America
  In Germany
  In Argentina
  In Austria
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