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Characteristics of Chinese Tuina Therapy

Although the term "Tuina" was first put forward in the Ming Dynasty, it is still the oldest healing art for human beings. Tuina is a kind of external treatment method, possibly rooted in instinctive self-prevention and protection of the human beings.

Research of Its Therapeutic Effect

Tuina maneuvers applied to points can dredge meridians and collaterals, move qi and blood, relax tendons and muscles and lubricate joints to improve the function of the zang-fu organs and strengthen bodily resistance.

Commonly Used Maneuvers of the Tuina Therapy

Multifarious maneuvers are the quintessence of the tuina therapy. They are the most precious treasures, developed, accumulated, and perfected by practitioners throughout ages of their clinical practice.

Pediatric Tuina Therapy

Pediatric tuina therapy with a long history plays a unique role in traditional Chinese medicine. When a baby falls ill, it is difficult to feed him medicines, so the children tuina therapy shows its remarkable advantages. Simple and easy to use, it regulates the interior and the exterior. It is just suitable for cases which the cause is not complicated, and illness comes suddenly, but it retreats quickly. The Chinese children tuina therapy has become a relatively independent system in its past one thousand years’ development.

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