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Cosmetic treatment is a fashionable trend in modern society. Delicate and soft skin, bright and moisture-rich complexion, a healthy and energetic body, chasing beauty is never endless. Several cosmetic treatments have, over centuries, been guided by the fundamental theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), thus providing rich experience in combining beautification with natural herbs and diet, as well as acupuncture and massage manipulation. When TCM is part of one's set of cosmetic treatments, one can maintain facial beauty keeping health, regulating zang-fu organ functions, unblocking the meridians and collaterals, tonigyying the qi and blood and balancing yin and yang. Integrating traditional and modern treatments enables a harmony to be reached between nature and the body. This is exemplified in the Museum of Cosmetic Treatments with TCM.
More beautiful, more healthy, more fashionable …

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